Name of the event:
Swab Barcelona 2018, Fira Internacional d’Art Contemporani

Organised by:
Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo Diezy7 S.L

Calle Camp 8 bajos, 08021 Barcelona

Pavillion "Italiano" (Z6), Fira Barcelona
Avenida Reina Maria Cristina s/n 08004 Barcelona

Dates and schedule:
27th September / 30th September 2018

Website: www.swab.es
Email: galleries@swab.es

Open application from the 1rst of February until the 13th of April
Acceptance notification the 16th of April

Applicants must make a payment of 150 € (VAT included) as a registration fee along with the registration. This fee is non-refundable in any case.
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Stand prices and sizes

INCLUDED IN THE STAND: 3 white walls and basic lighting for the size of the stand / Signage / Limited storage facilities / Cleaning / Wifi / 2 page entry in the Swab Barcelona 2018 Catalogue (depending on the Programme in which they participate) / 3 copies of the Swab Barcelona 2018 Catalogue / Exhibitor staff passes / Tickets to the Vernissage + VIP pass / General admission tickets

NOT INCLUDED IN THE STAND: Telephone connection / Extra lighting/power points / Furniture for stand / Car parking / Insurance / Additional and/or external walling / Bank charges or any custom duties / Storage and/or transport of artworks before or after the Fair / Parking for exhibitors
Stand prices and sizes *

Please, select the stand type you want for your stay in SWAB.

Swab on Paper: The new artistic language of paper is reinterpreted as a contemporary technique through the work of one or two artist.

Swab Seeds: In its third edition, Swab Seeds provides a space for visibility and debate, focusing on new independent platforms which, in the strength or instability of their self-reliance, have become some of the most of fertile and dynamic stages for current contemporary art.

MYFAF: A selection of 3 contemporary art galleries, less than two years old, who have never participated in any international fair and which showcase artists born after 1975. Swab offers this space free of charge as part of its mission to boost young new galleries. 

50% of the booth price: Before the 23th of April
50% of the booth price: Before the 16th of June

Bank: Caja de Arquitectos
Account name: Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo Diezy7
Concept: Swab 2018 + {{answer_h6mX}}
Address: CL Modolell, 70 Bajos
Account Number: 3183 0800 86 0000663940
IBAN: ES44 3183 0800 8600 0066 3940
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Swab Barcelona
C. Prats de Motlló 7, 08021 Barcelona (Spain)
Phone: 93 417 30 04 / www.swab.es / galleries@swab.es

The signed application form confirms that the exhibitor has received a copy of the Terms and Conditions of Participation and understands and agrees to be bound by the rules set out in it, as well as everything stated in this application form.
Your application has succesfully been completed!
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